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hyrdrus Collection

Photo by: _hydrus

Anonymous poet, photographer and artist, Hydrus documents through his poems the darkness and the glimmers of life taunting us when we are in the shadows, as well as many of the little things which make a colossal impact on who we are.


Release Date: Oct 17th, 2023

Will he ever be able to recover?
Will he be able to find redemption or have a chance at finding true love again?
Or will life just continue to ruin his hopes of finding true happiness.

Sometimes the universe speaks to us in waves, only to watch us drown in its infinite choir of noise. _hydrus


What happens when life and love clash?

When desire is blinding and passion betrays?

Who do you become and where does it all END?

Welcome to WeakEND, the first book in the FallEND series.

Where we discover a man’s journey to answer these questions.


“Love gave so it could take” and only his inner demons will keep him from his angels. _hydrus

Collection of Poems
Collection of Poems

An original collection of poetry, comprised of new works, writings, and photography. It documents the many facets of ones inner journey. It deals with our ever-changing emotions, and how the mind and heart react differently when confronted by lifes cruel ironies.

We all live inside and outside ourselves. The quiet whispers we hear and the ones we ignore. The inner voice that makes us passionate, gives us hope, or creates the monster that sharpens their teeth.

ENDroad details the winding aspects of that search for answers. It shows that we all sometimes feel the same. That we are not alone. The paths we take or the ones that take us to mold our humanity into who we are. Each one presents us with the ability for us to rediscover ourselves again.

At times we might feel lost but the truth to finding our way will always rest in our hearts.

My end does not mean I am finished
It only reveals that I am starting again.


My latest collection of poems is comprised of some of lifes most steamy, sensual, and erotic situations. It tackles feelings of desire and dark passion through the lens of love and lust.


The poems take us through this journey. Letting our minds and hearts wander throughout this lustful escape. Searching and yearning at each and every turn for a new encounter or blushing moment.... maybe a few hot and bothered ones as well.

All the poems in ValENDtine can be found throughout all my prior collections including some from my online postings.

In addition to these poems, I also have written several new ones that are exclusive only to the ValENDtine collection.

I hope you enjoy the poems as much as I enjoyed writing them. May this new collection find a permanent place on your nightstand.

Collection of Poems

ENDlove ENDpain is my latest collection of poems that deal with the human struggle of being in love. The emotional roller-coaster and the ups and downs that our souls take on this journey. This path is one of endless bliss but sometimes agony.

Love is always a conflict of raw emotion and trust. It is a journey we seek to take and at times we regret we do. It is a struggle between good vs. evil but mostly in ourselves.

An overthinking paradox of what to do, how to be, what was done, and what will never possibly be. Regardless of the experiences, they will always shape who we are. Those feelings will stay with us forever. They are etched as reminders in our very being.

Never to be erased but only to be hidden. They are made up of thoughts and memories that pierce our dreams, fill our fantasies and fill the voids in our hearts. They affect us mentally and sometimes physically.

Lifes etchings, bruises, and scars we all hold as witnesses to this spell we call Love.

Collection of Poems
Collection of Poems

𝗘𝗡𝗗𝘁𝗵𝗼𝗹𝗼𝗴𝘆 is a collection of poems drawn up from experiences, thoughts, and emotions. Not everything in the world is dark, but many times we live without any light. We lose ourselves in what we consider our reality. Our souls forget what is important. At the same time, we rejoice when we regain our passion and our inner light.

We might live many lives, but which one will you always remember?

What memories will we ink?

What will have true meaning?

How will we live our END?



HeartEND is about how we experience love and some of the journeys we embark on when love strikes our heart.


It’s about the numerous complex phases and ever changing stages of the purest human emotions. It might be a first kiss, a new romance, a guilty pleasure or a sense of loss but love always helps us reach the heavens or crash down upon its shores.


Love gives even when it takes, it heals and embeds its mark and sculpts us into who we are.


“We all open our hearts and in the end this is the love we bleed.” _hydrus

Collection of Poems

DarkEND is a small look into the world I call my reality. Through poems, photography and art, I try to capture the ups and downs of this voyage we call life, and sometimes I refer to it as just existing.


Embedded in my words are stories of emotions and feelings that range from the darkest of moments to times of having some type of hope for resolve. Life is raw and ever-evolving, and we always seem to put ourselves last overall.


Time proves to be quite relentless. I hope that we all find common ground through our everyday struggles and in the end, understand that love, although painful at times, can provide so many answers.

So the question then becomes

“how can we better love ourselves?”

Collection of Poems
Collection of Poems

Tarots cards, much like poems, have the ability to paint a vivid picture of what once was or what could be.They delve into the subtleties that we all carry within ourselves and the secrets that make us who we are.


Awakend is an immersion into the world of tarot and its mysteries.Read it one way, then another, and let the words guide you into the meaning of each card.


Allow chance and curiosity to accompany you on this incredible journey and let your heart awaken to hope even after having thought everything was lost.


And who knows what secrets you might find out about yourself...

ENDVISIBLE - Hydrus.jpg

𝙀𝙣𝙙𝙫𝙞𝙨𝙞𝙗𝙡𝙚 is a collection of poems about the endless feeling of being invisible while going through the emotions and sometimes cruelties of life. Illustrated by the author’s own photography, this book guides us through grief, loss and love in a dark and inspiring way typical to how Hydrus’s writing helps us cope with reality.

Collection of Poems
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